New Liberal Democrat MP for South Cambridgeshire Pippa Heylings has called for an emergency health and care budget following the general election.

Ms Heylings won her seat by a considerable majority in South Cambs, receiving 25,704 votes - a 46.8 share of overall votes.

Following the result, Ms Heylings is demanding that the new Labour government turn their attention to health and social care.

She said: "I am incredibly proud of the positive campaign that the Liberal Democrats have run in South Cambs.

"After years of tireless effort, it is now time to start delivering the change that our area was desperately crying out for.

"Whether you voted for me or not, I will work tirelessly for you, to give South Cambs the fair deal that we all deserve.

"Cambridgeshire has the lowest healthcare funding per person in the country so we need fairer funding for our GPs.

"That is why I am calling for an emergency health and care budget to fix our NHS brought to its knees by years of Conservative Party neglect.

"This campaign has been defined by the people of South Cambridgeshire sharing their personal stories of how they have been let down by the countless failings of the Tory Government.

"It’s been nothing short of heart-breaking, hearing of loved ones in pain on long waiting lists or unable to even get a GP appointment; of elderly people unable to be discharged from hospital because there isn’t the care available for them at home.


"This is why I am calling on the new Labour Government to take the urgent action we need here in South Cambridgeshire."

Ms Heylings is also calling for "urgent action" on sewage being pumped into waterways, spiralling mortgages and rents and to tackle climate change.

She said: "I promised you that I would be your local champion, and I want to live up to that promise from day one."

In South Cambs, Conservative Chris Carter-Chapman received 15,063 votes and Labour's Luke Viner received 6,106.

Harrison Edwards from Reform UK received 4,897 votes, while the Green Party's Miranda Fyfe received 2,656 and independent James Gordon received 459.